Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Life’s a beach

Oh come on, are you saying I can’t join in the ‘hilarious’ beach-ball related antics after Darren Bent’s winner on Saturday?

There are simply too many to mention as Liverpool’s odds of winning the Premier League were further deflated (you see – I told you there was more) by a red beach ball thrown onto the pitch by, ironically, a Liverpool fan.

Match Of the Day did the decent thing and blocked the offending fans face, no doubt to avoid the public backlash – though a well known website has apparently ‘outed’ the said fan and The Sun is appealing for anyone who knows him to come forward. Don’t be surprised if a “beach ball and me” type piece with the Liverpool supporter posing with the inflatable in question appears in the papers soon.

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Is the dream turning into a nightmare for Notts County?

My blog over at SoccerCity is already a little outdated given the events of today but I'll publish it anyway!

A few months ago I wrote a blog comparing the fortunes of England’s two Magpies – Newcastle and Notts County.

Back then Newcastle were in despair, mourning the loss of their Premier League status. Meanwhile, County were sky high, revelling in their new found wealth.

Their takeover in July, by the mysterious Munto Finance group, promised a bright future and lofty ambitions included Premier League football once more for the oldest league club in the world.

It got better.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Sacking season?

It was a throwaway line that may yet stick.

Phil Brown, the “beleaguered Hull boss” as he is known in media circles, said the term when questioned about his own future in a press conference last week.
And while there is no finite moment on the football calendar where managers begin to move jobs, it does seem that the axe falls of bosses heads happen when just the leaves begin to fall form the trees.

Enough time gone to see things work, enough time left to put it right, I guess is the thinking behind the boardroom decisions across the land. But as we enter the murky sacking season, who is at risk? And who could come out the other side?

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