Monday, 14 December 2009

Lack of fight main cause for concern for Liverpool

Anger, frustration, disbelief.

These are just some of the words that sprung to mind during a desperate second half for Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday.

After an insipid first half display Arsene Wenger’s tirade at his players during the break brought the expected response from the Gunners, but the lack of fight from the Merseysiders after they fell behind was the most worrying thing for Liverpool supporters.

This season, which has taken a severe turn for the worse since September, is heading into a crisis, with the club repeatedly re-assessing their targets with each damaging defeat. Yesterday, the air of resignation around Anfield was palpable.

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Birmingham quietly moving up the table

A quick glance at the Premier League table following the weekend’s matches and you could be forgiven for taking a second glance in disbelief. No, I’m not talking about Liverpool languishing in seventh place; I’m talking about the team level with the Reds in eighth: the Blues of Birmingham.

You can’t blame City fans for feeling a little queasy given their club’s roller coaster few years. Successive relegations and promotions have made them the very definition of a yo-yo club; too good for the Championship, not quite up to Premier League standard.

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I'mmmm back!!

Yes I am still alive!

In what has been a crazy month involving foreign travel missing bank cards, wandering passports and several uncomfortable coach journeys I have succesfully relocated in Australia and am ready to get blogging again. Congratualtions to the winners of the DVD and Football Manager 2010. The prizes were sent on their way before I left.

Football has been as fascinating as ever of the past few weeks, Everton in particular have turned in some dreadful performances over recent weeks but after teo battling draws against SPurs and Chelsea things hopefully are looking up.

More soon!