Thursday, 21 May 2009

FA Cup final tickets anyone?

Ok come on, jokes over, where are they?
The money came out of my account over a week ago and when I log onto my 'ticket history' on the official website it is there, clear as crystal: "Everton v Chelsea FA Cup Final 2009" (still sounds great doesn't it!)

But with little over a week until the big day my tickets still haven't materialised and although I expect the club will hold onto to them for as long as possible (in order to reduce touting, thanks for that The FA) it doesn't help my sense of unease.

Unable to get to Goodison in person to collect them I had no choice but to put by trust in that great British institution, the Royal Mail, and hope that some sticky fingered thief will keep their hands off as my tickets pass through the sorting office.

Thankfully Royal Mail has never let me down before and I am sure they won't again, but I can't help feeling nervy though.

On another note, congrats to Phil Jagielka who, unsurprisingly, collected the fans' and players' player of the year award. His rise to prominence began halfway through last season when, as he settled into that centre-back position, began to put in performances of Dave Watson/Kevin Ratcliffe/Brian Labone proportions.

He may not be up there with those defensive legends just yet, but if he carries on like he is (once recovered from injury) it won't be long.

Well done to Fellaini too for picking up the young player of the year award. I must admit that around October last year I began to doubt Moyes' wisdom in signing the big Belgian. I thought he was bought for his size alone rather than any footballing ability. But credit to Fellaini he has slowly adapted to the rigours of the Premier League football and, dubious disciplinary records aside, has become one of our key players.

Speaking of the naughty book Fellaini, since returning from his last ban, which saw him miss both derby games, has hardly been booked in the second half of the year. Once again credit must go to him for adapting his game and not sulking over the sometimes harsh treatment dealt out to him by referees. People forget he is only 20 and given his progress this year he will grow to be a key Everton player in years to come.

Talking of key Everton players (nice link eh? slightly tedious but hey) Joey Yobo has been inevitability linked with a move away in the summer. Arsenal seemed to be perennially linked with the Nigerian, perhaps given Wengers perchant for tall, pacy African 'footballing' centre backs. But credit to Joey he has shown tremendous loyalty to the club, especially though the dark times and it would be nice if he could complete a decade at the club.
The article in question comes from the Daily Mail, never the most reliable at the best of times and I think the journo has added together the fact that A: Yobo hasn't played that much this year (with a lot of it due to injury) and B: his contract is up next year.

Notice the wording of the article Yobo is ready to turn down a new deal. Ready? hmmmm.

The journo has then thought: who to link him with? queue the Arse and the inevitable Man City link (which is pretty much a default nowadays).

Now I am ready to be proven wrong on this one but I am not going to worry about Yobo's future just yet. I am sure he has the cup final on his mind at the moment and given Jags injury his place in the side is assured until at least October/November time. Moyes has also shown loyalty to players who perform well in the side (hence why Yobo couldn't get back in the side after injury) and Yobo signed a new deal they year after we finished 17th, so why would he leave now???

I think this is just another article signifying the start of the transfer silly season (which, like Christmas music in supermarkets, seems to start earlier and earlier each year).

I think while we can get excited about each exotic soundingly named player we get linked with in the gossip column we should takes the advice Moyes gave us in the West Ham programme which went along the lines of:

"You will no doubt hear lots of transfer rumours in the press but unless I speak directly on the matter, you should disregard them."

Good stuff Moyesie.
And finally a quick shout out to a new Everton site
Well worth checking out - plus I will be guest blogging on the site in the coming weeks which should make it all the more appealing. You can find it on my bloglist on the left side bar.

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