Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Senderos on way in, Lescott on way out?

Not the most inspired signing but in this transfer starved summer we should be grateful for anyone coming in to to boost our threadbare squad.

To be fair to Phillipe he is an experienced international who Champions League experience and a spell at AC Milan under his belt. Plus in World Cup year we could squeeze that extra 10% out of him as he battles for a place on the plane to South Africa. But I still sense it is another one of those 'In Moyes we trust' moments.

I hope he is merely a back up for our first choice pairing of Jags and Lescott, if so I think it is a good deal, if not I want the Lescott deal to be done sooner rather than later and a replacement bought in.

Again in our under privileged position as mere fans we do not know the political ramblings that have taken place between royal blue and sky blue camps this summer.

But the latest murmurs from the Everton camp is that Lescott has asked Moyes for a transfer (how these requests are 'leaked' I don't know - political manoeuvring on the side of Everton perhaps, deliberate leaks to the press in order to turn the heat on Lescott rather than them??)

Either way that will give City the incentive to come in with another bid, probably 1 or 2 million above their second bid, despite their billions.

People say that Moyes holds all the aces, that Lescott is on a 3-year-deal and will be forced to stay (and perform if he wants a World Cup place)if Moyes wants him there.

But the reality is the players have all the power these days and if he wants to go, he will go.

He and his agent will kick up a fuss, City and the increasing irritating Mark Hughes will have their say (he wants to join us etc etc..) and in the end Moyes will have to give in rather than have a unhappy camper in the ranks.

Either way it needs to be done now so we don't get stuck in a 'Rooney' situation with millions in the bank come the 1st September and a gaping hole in the defence.

I thought last summer was bad but this is up there, here's hoping things can come to a head this week and we can all look forward to actually talking about football come the 15th.

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