Thursday, 7 January 2010

As you can see...we're back - again!

Right the decs have been put away, the tree has gone and I can start concentrating on all tings blogging. As well as looking on at all the chaos in the UK thanks to the heaviest snowfall in 20/20/30/500/10,000 years (delete according to your paper of choice)

Anyway apologies to those at Birmingham Blog Joys and Sorrows who asked to do a joint article ahead of the Blues v Blues clash just before Christmas. A link to their version, featuring answers from your truly is below, it's worth checking out, not just my but but the sire itself, it's well worth the read. With a possible FA Cup tie against Birmingham coming up there maybe scope or another joint venture.

As for Everton, well if there was a time to be out of the country and missing the doom and gloom it is now. The joy of last years run to the cup final and has been replaced with that familiar sinking feeling and fear that we have missed the boat in terms of ever claiming a top four place.

The spending at the likes of Spurs and City have pushed us well down the pecking order now. Our famed team spirit and work ethic will now only get us 8th place at best. We need money and quick.

On a brighter note David Beckham's mate Landon Donovan has joined us on a 'keep fit for the World Cup' loan. To be honest any player with two working legs is welcome right now but an international forward should be a great help up top, especially with Jo seemingly on his way out.

PMP has been going 11 months now,which means it will turn one next month - I'm sure to celebrate the occasion with some sort of review of the year, which will certainly circulate round the cup final, hell the site may even get a new look lets wait and see.

In the meantime check out my interview over at the excellent Joys and Sorrows.

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