Sunday, 2 May 2010

Europa League final tickets - fans lose out again

Ever since my experience last season with the FA's scandalously low allocation of FA Cup Final tickets I have always had a bug bear with the amount of tickets that don't go to 'real' fans for big matches.

The same can now be said of this year's Europa League final, with Fulham and Atletico only receiving 12,500 tickets each - in a 50,000 stadium!

Yes some seats need to be open for the general public to apply for and,of course, the sponsors will get some for their generously backing, but does really require half the total allocation??

Fulham's biggest game in their history and although they don't have the biggest o support, they could comfortably sell double their allocation.

SO instead of a guy who has supported the Cottagers for 50 years getting to watch the biggest match in their history, some suited corporate type with no attachment to either team, maybe even to football itself will go there to quaff steak and red wine on a company freebie.

As you can tell the whole situation makes me angry!!

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