Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Mourinho up to his old tricks again

You gotta love him.

Jose Mourinho has played the system again and despite the angry blustering reaction of the commentators, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

For those who didn't see it Real players Xavi Alonso and Sergio Ramos were shown second yellow cards for timewasting in the dying minutes of their 4-0 Champions League win over Ajax.

The result is that they will miss the now meaningless final group game with Marseille but in have a clean slate for when the knock out stages begin.

The link below shows several secret discussions between Mourinho, his backroom staff and several players, presumably hatching the crafty plan.

Is there much UEFA can do? Not really, they can't prove it was done deliberately and no rules were broken.

I suppose it is slightly against the spirit of the game but as Mourinho fan I say fair play to him. He has played the system and got away with it.

Have look below to see for yourself:

The real players/staff discussion the crafty scheme can be seen here.

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