Monday, 7 February 2011

Kenny Dalglish starts to make his mark on Liverpool

For Liverpool fans this victory is by far the sweetest of the four consecutive wins under manager Kenny Dalglish so far.

Games between Liverpool and Chelsea always have an edge anyway. The Reds represent the old guard, with esteemed history and tradition but have grown weary and fallen on hard times. Chelsea are the cheeky
nouveau riche upstarts, a symbol of Premier League’s modern excess.

But the transfer of Fernando Torres added further hype to the occasion. The build-up was almost hysterical, even if the goal-blitz 24 hours previously had meant it had a lot to live up to.

In the end it didn’t have the spark we all hoped for but if the game at Stamford Bridge is to show anything, it’s that all the money in the world won’t help unless you have a careful and thought out plan.

Carlo Ancelotti has had to deny rumours he didn’t sign Fernando Torres and that it was a decision taken by owner Roman Abramovich. But it certainly seemed that way as he was shoehorned into the side alongside
Drogba and Anelka. The trio looked awkward alongside each other, constantly occupying the same space. I know time has to be allowed in order for an understanding to develop but I can’t help thinking they
are all too similar players to play together.

Liverpool meanwhile came with a specific plan and executed it perfectly. It isn’t as if Dalglish has merely galvanised the players, he has changed tactics, switched positions and given them a new found

The result is four consecutive wins without conceding a goal and a place in the top six for the first time this season. They were perhaps a tad fortunate with the goal on Sunday, with Petr Cech displaying
unusual hesitancy and poor decision making when dealing with a Gerrard cross. But they thoroughly deserved their win given their defending – Chelsea barely registered a shot on target all game.

The calls for Dalglish’s permanent appointment will grow ever deafening from the Anfield terraces, as will the cries of what might have been had he not been overlooked for the job last summer. Luckily
for the Liverpool fans the board have acted quickly enough to ensure they won’t permanently regret that decision.

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  1. Napoleon couldn't have managed it better!