Thursday, 24 May 2012

How England’s Midfield Should Line Up At The Euros

You  would have to say that Roy Hodgson has a strong midfield line-up to choose from, for his England Euro 2012 squad in Poland and Ukraine, and he will be hard-pushed to select his first midfielders for the game with Sweden.

Aside from Stuart Downing, who was a complete surprise call up, there can be little complaints with the other nine players, namely, Theo Walcott, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Gareth Barry, Scott Parker, James Milner, Ashley Young, and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain.

Such is the strength in depth, that the likes of Daniel Sturridge and Adam Johnson, who could occupy the wings, will be both disappointed to miss out, particularly at the expense of Downing.

I think if there was ever a lesson to learn from in the World Cup, it was that England must play in a 4-5-1 formation, which Capello stubbornly refused to accept in South Africa.

Hodgson should address this and I think the squad is perfectly balanced to play in this way.

For me, although many people have claimed, over the years that Gerrard and Lampard cannot play together in the same team, I think with Scott Parker behind them, they are England’s best options as the other two midfielders.

Some will argue that they are old and have missed their chance, but Gerrard is the captain, and so he will play against Sweden; Lampard has proved to us all, by winning the Champions League, that he is still capable of big things.

The fact that they are past their peak will actually work better for them both, as there will be less pressure and expectation on them.

As for the wings, I would have personally put Sturridge or Johnson on the right, with Ashley Young on the left, but, as those two have been left out, it looks like Theo Walcott or Oxlade Chamberlain will adopt the position on the right.

Once Rooney is spearheading the attack, I think England will be in good shape to be a real threat from midfield. The Three Lions are currently a disappointing fifth-favourite to win in Eastern Europe, according to the Euro 2012 Group D betting website.

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