Friday, 24 August 2012

Jarvis and Fletcher Move a Mistake

The departure of Wolves wingers, Matt Jarvis and Steven Fletcher, to West Ham and Sunderland, respectively, will leave a bitter taste in the mouth for Molineux fans, who see their hopes of bouncing straight back into the Premier League take a cruel blow.

For many fans from the Black Country, their season tickets will have already been bought, shelling out good money to watch their beloved club attempt to regain Premier League status.

But with just one week left before the transfer deadline arrives, they have had to endure the humiliation of watching manager, Ståle Solbakken, sell their two best assets.

Fletcher, who will join Sunderland for a reported £14million, scored the most amount of headed goals last season and, despite the inflated transfer price, will leave a real hole at Molineux.

Meanwhile, Jarvis – who has one England cap to his name – could cost West Ham up to £10.75million once all the add-ons have been calculated, but that is nothing compared to his value as a Championship winger.

England’s second tier is a ridiculously competitive league and, for Wolves to have any chance of a quick return to the Premier League, then hanging on to Fletcher and Jarvis was a must, rather than taking the cash.

Wolves are 7/2 in the football betting for an immediate return to the Premier League, behind Bolton, Leicester, and Blackburn.

If Wolves fail to be promoted this season, then granted, the transfer value of Fletcher and Jarvis will be a fraction of what they have been sold for now – and they would have inevitably left then anyway.

But if you take into account the parachute payments that relegated clubs receive now, it makes much more sense to keep Fletcher and Jarvis in the Midlands.

Wolves fans will be angered, as there aren’t many players who they will be able to attract to replace the recent departures, and now they will struggle to return to the English top flight.

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  1. Nah, I disagree.

    Obviously we're all disappointed (as Wolves fans) to lose 2 of our best players, but these are players who were integral in a side that garnered just 25 points.

    The fees are enormous and, if the money is properly invested, I'd wager we have a better chance of going up and actually establishing ourselves this time than we would have if we'd have incurred substantial financial loss and kept together a side that had failed so miserably last year

  2. Before fans start saying anything they need to understand that the club has got good money for 2 players who no longer wanted to play for them. Also I would expect given what we've seen so far that replacements are bought into the club quickly to replace the sold players and these will be of a quality that should give us every chance to go back up. Keep the faith.

  3. Whoever wrote this article has not seen us play this season as we are more than equipt to function and score goals without fletcher at this level. It is also worth noting that both player when watched (not match of the day highlights) are over rated especially Jarvis. I personally feel that Jez has done a stirling job getting so much money for the 2 of them. I am actually more diappointed with the sale of Kightly who when fit is a far better player than Jarvis.So far the signing made by Solbakken look good, in Stale we trust!

  4. i can understand very much our fans are sad too see the likes of jarvis,fletcher and kightly going but this team last year did not play too there full i always say if players dont want to play for the club get shot of them and get others that do ,i think we should get some good players in maybe from europe now that are up for it and want too make a name for them long as we get 100per cent on match days from these players we should be a top 4 club at least

  5. I think's it's a great bit of business. As fan's we knew they would go, it was just a question of when, so let's move on and deal with. Stalle has already made 3 good signings and I expect to see more overseas players coming in. Going to be a big change at the Mol, one which I am relishing.

  6. The article is ridiculous and shows an acute lack of understanding of what is going on at Molineux as well as the basic realities of modern football. Both Fletcher and Jarvis are premier league quality and have the opportunity to continue their careers in the only league that matters. Nobody likes it but it is the truth. Wolves will do well this year - they have proven Championship players as well as a group of newcomers and a new boss saying all the right words. Up the Wolves!

  7. What a daft article. If a player wants to leave it is counter productive to hold on to them-they are hardly going to give 100% if forced to stay are they??
    I dislike Jez and Morgan doesn't fill me confidence at times (e.g handling of MM and replacement last year) but one thing they both do know is money. At the prices we have sold these players then we should all be very very happy. If we remember both Fletcher and Jarvis failed to make the squad at various times as they were "off form"-quite frankly I'm astounded that they have been sold at such high prices, great bit of hard ball business.
    We need to consider our position and be prepared to be in it next season too, as as much as we all hope to bounce back we may have a two or three year wait and Solbakken is playing the long game-quite rightly too.

    Let's all enjoy the journey and next time we hit the PL we might actually be competitive rather than bouncing along the relegation zone. Actually, excited to be travelling to Molineux for a change!!!

  8. Great business, Jarvis for 10 and Kightly for 3 talk about the wrong way round. At least Kightly seemed genuinely wrenched at going, not a word out of Matty boy but for the huge profit made on him ta rah.......Fletcher is a good striker and nice to see Sunderland paying over the tops for once after some of the shite they have sold in the past...If Stale can shore up the defences we have more than enough up front to do damage...UTW and a here's to a new style of playing

  9. Hi, I'm a west ham fan, although I think that we paid well over the odds for Jarvis I do think that he is a very good player and will be a very good signing for us. I completely understand how difficult it is to keep your best players when you're relegated (west ham fan remember, and we got raped for players every time we got relegated! So well done to your board for playing hardball, wish our old board had done the same) but looking at some of the comments it seems that Jarvis and even fletcher are not rated even tho Jarvis in particular had such a good season in a team that struggled. I'm not knocking anyone, but wanted to find out a honest opinion about him. End of the day you got superb money and hope that your board invests the profits in the team, unlike our previous owners did. Good luck for the season, hopefully see you next year in the PL. your comments are welcomed