Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Rafa no Villain - but He's Not Chelsea's Saviour Either

What to make of recent events at Stamford Bridge? Rafa Benitez is on a hiding to nothing after taking the Blues job on an interim basis and, after three games without a win and just one goal, it has now developed into a much more difficult start for him than anyone could have envisaged.

Let us be clear - this appointment is not going to work.

The former Liverpool boss got off to a bad start when the Chelsea fans, unhappy with his Anfield links and past derogatory comments about them, made it irrevocably clear that they did not want the spiky Spaniard in charge, following Roberto Di Matteo's unpopular sacking at the hands owner and axe-wielder, Roman Abramovich.

He would have hoped a couple of early wins would have changed some disillusioned fans' minds. However, the opposite has happened and the best odds are now suggesting that Rafa will again be out of work as early as Christmas. 

Certainly, if they succumb to a few more disappointing results before the end of the year, he will be twitching - waiting for Roman's call to send him on his way. But, while Benitez might be the easy man to blame, Chelsea's current problems stem from the ridiculous knee-jerk reactions of their all-powerful, seemingly dictatorial owner.

True, he saved the club from an impending financial implosion when buying them over 10 years ago now and he has, of course, pumped his billions into the club coffers to fund a few Premier League titles, several cups and then, memorably, last season's Champions League success.

But all that, apparently, is not good enough for our Roman. 

Very few clubs get anywhere chopping and changing managers regularly and Abramovich has only himself to blame for this mess. Benitez was an unpopular choice but it was hoped he would stabilise the Blues until Pep Guardiola arrived in the summer.

The latest reports suggest Pep is being lined up by Manchester City, though, and quite fancies the job at Eastlands rather than risking his reputation at Chelsea under their too-hard-to please owner. And who can blame him? 

Some will say Abramovich does not care and will not stop changing things at the top until he gets someone in the mould of the ultra-successful Jose Mourinho at the helm again. Heck, he may even eventually lure the Portuguese coach back to try to spark a return to the glory days. That's if, those two can patch up their differences.

You see, Abramovich appears to fall out with anyone and everyone - no matter how good a job they had been doing. Sadly for Chelsea, their reputation among other fans trying Betfair Cashout is again in tatters and, sadly for Benitez, it's a question of when, not if, he will be shown the door too.


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