Monday, 18 February 2013

Moyes contract adds to uncertainty

Everton boss David Moyes’ decision to yet again put off contract talks suggests his tenure at Goodison Park may well be coming to an end.

The Scot’s current deal with the Blues expires at the end of the season and he has continually put off talks over a new one, citing a desire to receive assurances from the board regarding finance and investment.

Moyes has worked wonders during his 11 years on Merseyside, turning the club from relegation fodder to regular European challengers, all on a meagre budget that has often forced him to sell his best players.

The former Preston boss can rightly feel like he cannot do anymore at the club without some backing from the club’s hierarchy.

"I want to see how we do in the cups, I want to see how we do in the league, and it's more than likely I won't make a decision until the end of the season," Moyes was quoted as saying on  Betfair Football last week.

 Chairman Bill Kenwright has been open in his desire to sell the club, saying he simply does not have any spare cash, with any the club does have all going to the manager.

However, he has been saying that for more than five years now and with no new buyer on the horizon, it seems unlikely Moyes will receive the assurances he needs in order to commit himself to the club once more.

It isn’t just a case of Moyes jumping ship, however, as his potential new sides also come with caveats.

Chelsea and Manchester United are two names frequently mentioned in Betfair markets, but would the Red Devils go for Moyes, a boss who has never managed in the Champions League? And would Moyes want to make the move to Chelsea, despite all the extra financial backing he would get, given the job insecurity it would bring? Moyes calls all the shots at Goodison Park with no interference from the board, something he would certainly not get at Stamford Bridge.

Rumours over the weekend suggested Arsenal may be a destination, with the pressure growing on Arsene Wenger.

Given we are entering the final three months of the season, we won’t have to wait long to find out whether Moyes' time on Merseyside is coming to an end. But speak to plenty of Everton fans and they are already bracing themselves for his departure.

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  1. If in moyes mind money talks,then
    Moyes will walk.but as the article states, there is no security at chelsea or man city.possibly one of the few clubs were a manager is save,is everton.