Wednesday, 25 February 2009

This site is good for your health!

Yes it's the Daily Mail but if you can put their questionable political leanings to one side and read this article on their website (which I found while randomly searching google) it proves that a post match pint is good for you!
It is of course one of those quirkly light hearted news stories no doubt taken from a press release following months of painstaking (and probably in the long-term, useless) research by a group of scientists.
It is a refeshing change though from 'a cookie a day gives you cancer' type scare stories.

Anyway that's enough of the Daily Mail, elsewhere those of you who read my Goonergetya blog will have noticed I got my score prediciton spot-on! Lawro - you better watch out sunshine!

Pity I didn't get to the bookies in time to put my money where my mouth is..............

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