Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Top Five Rants of the Season

The 2008/09 has certainly been the year of the rant. Whether it is the intense pressure of the modern game or the glare of the media spotlight that has tipped people over the edge I don’t know - but it has provided immense entertainment for the fans.
Here are my top five whingers of the season:

5. Didier Drogba

Coming in the immediate aftermath of Chelsea’s agonising last minute defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final, Didier took offence to the referee, who had turned down four penalty appeals. At the final whistle Drogba, who had limped off as a substitute minutes earlier, stormed over in his flip-flops to the Norwegian official to make his feelings known. He then ran up to the live TV camera shouting “It’s a f***ing disgrace” to millions of TV viewers across the country. Methinks a UEFA ban will be on its way to Drogba after his latest performance.

See Didier Drogba - It’s a Disgrace

4. Joe Kinnear

A surprise choice for the Newcastle job back in October, the former Wimbledon boss came out fighting in what is surely one of the most bizarre press conferences of all time. Here is an extract:

Kinnear: Which one is Simon Bird?
Bird: Me.
JK: You’re a ****.
Bird: Thank you.

Classic stuff.

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