Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Everton take over rumours re-surface

May 14, 2010 - Zuerich, AL, SCHWEIZ - epa02156914 Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa AI Thani, left, Chairman of Qatar 2022 Bid Committee hands over the bid to host the FIFA soccer World Cup 2022 to FIFA President Josef S. Blatter, right, in Zurich, Switzerland, 14 May 2010.

The ultimate fantasy get out clause of a billionaire take-over has once again raised it's head in the murky world of internet rumourdom.

While most of the time we strive for the moral high ground when discussing our club's relative povery, saying stuff like "well I don't want us to buy success any way" or we are "doing things the right way" our morals would be swiftly dropped before you could say oil riches should a billionaire Sheikh come calling.

But according the not-always-reliable that is exactly what is happening. Apparently Qatar's ruling Al Thani family, armed with in excess of £40 billion worth of assets, are interested in buying a Premier League club to captitalise on the country's increased profile since winning the right to host the World Cup in 2022.

Everton, Spurs and Newcastle were named. Whether there was any evidence obtained in naming these clubs or they are just three that are for sale I don't know. But it seems likely to me that we would be the last choice in that group.

For starters Spurs have the greater profile currently thanks to their Champions League run. Plus they are in London and are set to move to the Olympic stadium in three years time.

Newcastle, the Premier League's resident crisis club, also have the huge stadium and fan-base in place, meaning money will be purely spent on improving the squad.

Everton have the advantage of having a settled side and manager,  a long history and, probably, a cheap asking price.

But given money is no issue I doubt that would count in our favour. Plus the owners will want prestige and glory quickly. To do that they will need to invest in the playing squad - Everton need a new stadium first and foremost. I doubt the Sheikh's will want to foot the bill for that when they can buy a side with a massive new stadium already in place. And I doubt they will care we once had a decent team back in the 80s either.

To be honest I am already viewing this story with weary sceptcism.We are just not a attractive proposition, simple as that. 

Until we get a new ground sorted (and push up the table!) there are a long list of club's who will feature higher than us on a billionaires hit-list.

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