Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Liverpool Playing Second Fiddle

“Celebrate good times c’mon” were the lyrics pumping out of every Liverpool fan's vocal cords, at the weekend, as the Reds celebrated overcoming their bitter rivals, Everton, in the FA Cup semi-final.

However, whilst the celebrations in the red half of Merseyside may well continue for a few days to come, the reality remains that Liverpool are now a side playing second fiddle to the top teams in England.

It could be argued that Liverpool are using their cup success to disguise the fact that they have completely and utterly failed in the Premier League, this season.

Granted, Liverpool won the Carling Cup, and are now in the final of the FA Cup, but they have achieved this after pulling off a few decent performances in the Cups, rather than through confidence built after a consistent run of league form.

The owners of the club, Fenways Sports, are more than aware that they are not going to earn the big bucks by playing well in the FA Cup or the Carling Cup - although, anybody indulging in some FA Cup betting is likely to view the situation differently.

With the Reds needing Champions League football, if they are going to stand a chance of taking Liverpool back to the levels that the club achieved in the 1980s, when they dominated British football, and to an extent European football as well, you can see where the problem currently lies.

The aim for Liverpool this season has boiled down to winning the FA Cup, but the players will know that they'll have to stand up and be counted next season in the Premier League, as they once again face the reality of life without the Champions League. 

Whether King Kenny is the man to lead next year's charge remains to be seen. Pending some drastic changes, the Reds are unlikely to start the season as favourites in the Premier League odds.


  1. Another article putting the boot into Liverpool over the last few days. :-( Look around, you'll see more.

    Seems it's open season to have a dig. Do Liverpool fans know we are not good enough to win the league? Of course we do, and it has been a disappointing season in the league and it has to get better. But to win one, and be fifty fifty of a second cup, when there are only 3-4 cups to win each year,(realistically only the FA and League Cups for the majority) buys Dalglish more time.

    In the same position next year though may be different. But winning something and reaching another final is a step forward.

  2. In the word's of Ian Snodin "Liverpool have got some fantastic kids"!
    Liverpool are building a young side which will be added to over the the off season! Of course Liverpool won't be one of the seasons favorites in PL odds next season. But if you think winning 2 of the 3 competitions you've entered is nothing then I think youre mistaken! Winning 2 cups is 1 season will set them up for greater success next season. Mark my words

  3. It's starting to get a bit boring. Every day some nameless blog writer (I wouldn't use the word journalist to describe them) decides to have a go at LFC. Yes we have had a poor season compared to past seasons, but there are a number of reasons that have led to this state of affairs. Firstly the disastrous tenure of Hicks and Co, then forcing Rafa to sell the family jewels and sacking him, only to bring in Hodgson who then got rid of more players to bring in his crap (Koncheski ring any bells) he also lets Aquaman go on loan when he was actually fit for the first time.

    KK takes over and hopes are raised, Unfortunately due to rule changes we now have to buy English players and the best where gone by the time Comolli got his arse in gear, and we ended up with Downing, Henderson and Carroll.

    Gerard failed to recover from his groin op as quickly as hoped, but he eventually came back only to be sidelined again with an infection. We then lose Lucas (in my opinion the worse loss of the lot) Adam and Spearing are no replacements. Agger is in and out with yet more injuries, same story with Johnson then we lose Kelly and Adam. But next to the loss of Lucas the 9 games without Suarez was the killer blow. We are lucky to not be in the relegation zone let alone winning the League cup and 99% of the way to winning the FA Cup. If any other Premier League club had had the turmoil we've had over the last 3 seasons they'd have gone down by now. The only way now has got to be up, with Rafa taking over Comolli's role.