Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Would QPR be missed?

The likes of Norwich and Swansea have offered something new and exciting, in what has been a tough season for the Premier League, with both sides playing great football and entertaining fans of soccer betting beyond their respective fan bases.

The reality remains, however, that fellow newly-promoted team QPR have become an outfit that is all too easy to dislike.

Sure, they didn't exactly lose any fans by sacking Neil Warnock, who isn't the most universally loved manager in the English game, but they have shed supporters through the manner in which Tony Fernandes has conducted himself, as well as the team's behaviour on the pitch at times this season.

With Joey Barton having failed to control his 'dislikeable' side, and the likes of Paddy Kenny bringing a fair bit of baggage along with them to the club, QPR have somehow managed to get rid of the spine of the team that brought them up into the Premier League. The escapees have been replaced with the sort of overpaid player that has no real love of the club or its history.

If QPRdo go down then it seems likely that they will have to replace large sections of the team they have assembled, while also massively cutting their wage bill, if they are to stand any chance of coming back up and staying in a decent financial position.

This may well be pure speculation at the moment, but there's little doubting the fact that the trap door is slowly but surely opening for QPR, leaving them in a position where they are just about ready to drop down into the brutal world of the Championship. The Hoops are currently third-favourites for the drop in Relegation Betting.

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  1. I'm a QPR fan of over 40 years' standing, and I find this blog ignorant and insulting.Worse still, its appallingly researched! The spine of the Championship side has NOT been disbanded. In fact, Mark Hughes has done an excellent job of grafting the new arrivals with the star performers from last season. Today's side against Spurs for example had 6 of last year's team making major contributions to a hard-fought, but ultimately deserved victory. In addition, the Board have repeatedly stated that the long-term vision of the Club will be preserved, even if we are relegated this season, and, in fact, many of the new arrivals have said that they're very keen to stay, regardless of the Club's status next season. I think Tony Fernandes, and in particular, Amit Bhatia, have handled this season's twists and turns with a great amount of professional dignity, as indeed, has Mark Hughes, and I think the team has worked very hard to produce a brand of effective and attractive football - albeit sporadically. You clearly haven't watched us much this season, have you?! If you had watched the recent home games against Arsenal and Swansea - both of which we dominated, your blog might have been a bit more balanced, instead of being a load of pointless rubbish.