Thursday, 2 July 2009

Footballers and the mafia

Footballers and glamorous models perhaps go hand in hand nowadays. The WAG generation now means a footballer’s other half gets as many, if not more, column inches as they do.

This is especially so in the slow summer months when, without a major tournament to focus our minds on (we have all had a go with the Confederations Cup but it hasn’t quite ‘got it’ has it?) the headlines drift towards what a particular WAG is wearing on holiday or some long lense shot of them lying on a beach somewhere.

With pre-season training still a couple of weeks away the new season is still a while away yet, so getting your daily football fix becomes harder and harder. So in my search for REAL football news I stumbled upon a little beauty that you really couldn’t make up.

According to a certain English broadsheet Liverpool’s Nikolay Mihailov (no I hadn’t heard of him either – he is their reserve goalkeeper, apparently*) is currently under armed guard in his native Bulgaria after getting on the wrong side of a well known mafia boss over a glamorous model.

It all started when renowned mafia boss Georgi 'The Head' Stoilov began dating Mihailov’s former girlfriend, model and 2006 playmate of the year, Nikoleta Lozanova. Mihailov, who spent the end of last season on loan at Steve McLaren’s Twente (that’s why we hadn’t heard of him), allegedly decided in his infinite wisdom to taunt Stoilov saying if his new girlfriend was a Ferrari, Lozanove was a broken down Trabant from the old East Germany. Not a good idea.

Mihailov woke up the next day to find his Ferrari (his real car not his girlfriend) had been attacked with acid causing about £17,000 worth of damage. Stoilov and his notorious family – one of the most powerful clans in Bulgaria - are suspected to be involved and Mihailov is currently in hiding deciding his next move.

Well it certainly breaks the monotony of the Ronaldo saga. Get the hell out of there would be my plan.

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