Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Most predictable transfer of the summer

Stewart Downing is set to move to Villa for 12million. Lets face it, it was going to be them or Spurs, well he always goes there on Football Manager anyway.

Bit risky on O'Neill's part though as the lad is injured until October, you would think he would hold fire and see him return to fitness (at Boro's expense) and poach him in January. Unless Ashley Young has something to do with it? Again Spurs have been linked but at the very best it would be a sideways step for him - plus O'Neill labelled him a genius earlier in the year, hardly the type of praise you bestow on a player you are going to sell.

I guess its all part of the summer transfer fun.

On a brighter note the Blues are now allowed to talk to Naughton again after Sheff United blocked any moves by us after Spurs gazumped our offer. If the Echo is to be believed Naughton favours a move to Goodison while the other Kyle, Walker, wants to move down south (why? why? why? he will become the next Gareth Bale!)

Therefore it looks like we will revert to the original deal agreed last week before all the kerfuffle over the weekend. I hope so because its all getting a bit tiresome.

Elsewhere the press are still pushing the John Terry to City line. At first I completely discounted this story but as the weeks pass I have become more convinced he might go. It would be a major coup for City if he does, giving the side a more balanced look after buying no-one but strikers for most of the summer. I have to admit I am now highly jealous of City. I do occasionally scoff and try to take the moral high ground, pointing out how we are doing things properly at Everton, but when it comes down to it 'doing things properly' wont get us into the Champions League or win us anything. Here's hoping a lifelong Toffee with a few billion in the bank is out there....

Despite City's madness in the transfer market there is one deal that is proof that transfer fees have gone ridiculous - Bobby Zamora to Hull for 5 MILLION!!

Hodgson must be pissing himself.

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