Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Naughton chase lost

After another typical Evertonesque drawn out transfer saga it looks like we will have to admit defeat in the chase for Kyle Naughton.

I have to admit the whole deal has been blown out of all proportion, he is only a 20-year-old full-back untested in the Premier League after all.

But given the scarcity of genuine transfer deals this close-season (again!) we have clung top this one as a desperate sign the we are going to avoid a repeat of last season's torturous summer.

Sheff United's behaviour leaves a lot to be desired, accepting our offer before changing their minds at the last minute. After playing the victim for so long after the Tevez saga they have lost a lot of sympathy after their behaviour over this deal.

Rumours of PFA and FA involvement further muddy the waters, but it looks like the Blades will get their way.

As will Tottenham who, although they technically haven't done anything wrong, have been a little sneaky in waiting till we have a bid accepted before gazumping us.

It does irritate me they way Spurs seem to throw money around with no tangible reward (except a Carling Cup or two) yet the continue to keep on spending, and players still want to sign for them.

Money has talked once again in this deal, but look at the full-backs grave yard already at the Lane?!

If I were a Spurs fan I would question Redknapp's transfer policy, spending £8 million on two young full-backs when other areas of the team need strengthening. But as ever with Spurs I am sure they will have plenty more cash in reserve.

Part of me now hopes that Naughton 'does a Bale,Hutton,Gunter etc.' and go shit in the reserves, but I guess that would be being bitter...........

Anyway with that saga finally over who should we get in to bolster the right hand side?

Well Alan Hutton has been mooted (Spurs have a few right backs now). If we can get him on the cheap (Spurs spunked £9 million on him last January) and help him replicate the form of a couple of years back (i.e. before he signed for Spurs) he could be yet another Moyes master-stroke. The least Redknapp could do is give us a good deal on him.

That Swedish bloke looked quite handy on YouTube too,we need a right-winger as desperately as a right-back. But as ever with The Blues these stories surface then disappear without a conclusion. leaving all of us wondering what the hell is going on.

I feel another deadline day scramble coming on................

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