Friday, 27 March 2009

Everton Semi-Final tickets - The hottest ticket in town!

I thought I had early start when I was up for half seven and ready to dial for eight o'clock when the Everton ticket office opened.

But that was nothing compared to the poor, yet determined, souls who joined the ticket queue at Goodison at around 2.50am last night!

While I was in a virtual queue this morning, listening to Z-Cars on loop, the real queue back in L4 stretched further and further into the distance. We haven't seen scenes like this since 1995 - the last time we were at Wembley.

I was too young to queue up myself then but I had some friends who went for me and queued overnight around the ground, only to be told there were none left as they got closer to the front.

It wasn't going to happen again.

After nearly two hours of being on hold (my mobile phone bill is going to be massive!) I finally got through and tickets for me and my two mates were secured. Jackpot!

I feel for my fellow Blues who haven't got tickets, It is a shame that everyone can't be catered for. But after that narrow miss in 95 I have held a season ticket, bar two years, for every campaign since. I feel I have finally been given a reward for my loyalty through what was, at times, very arduous football and I'm sure no-one can be-grudge me a seat.

Not that we should stop here, I firmly believe that we have a chance against United. Results in recent weeks have shown they are beatable, and our performance against them earlier in the season at Goodison (when we were well out of form I might add) showed that we can at least match them.

Lets hope Everton Wembley trips are like London buses, you wait 14 years for one...................

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