Thursday, 19 March 2009

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Thanks to the lovely people at Soccerpro I was given the chance to try out some of their products and I was more than happy to oblige.

First up was the silver Nike FC Barcelona training jersey which retails at around $33.00 followed by the Nike T90 football which retails at around $32.00.

As with most Nike products the Barcelona training jersey looks and feels like a quality garment. The trademark swoosh symbol is found on the chest and on the back of the neck while the black piping over the silver panels gives it a sleek and fashionable look. The overall stylish appearance is capped off by, of course, the famous F.C. Barcelona crest.
I tried it out first running in my local park and then in a training match with some mates. With a cold English wind whipping across me I found the top gave little protection – at times I felt as though I was running with no top on! But as I got going the shirt offered more protection from perspiration. While I was sweating I didn’t feel too hot or uncomfortable and I could certainly tell the difference from when I wear a cotton t-shirt to exercise.
When playing football the shirt didn’t restrict my movement in anyway, despite being rather close-fitting in some areas! In fact I found it more comfortable to wear than many of my replica shirts.
Overall it is a nice looking and practical shirt that does everything it is asked too. It has the quality design and look brands like Nike and Barcelona are expected to have, yet it offers all the performance of a replica shirt, but without the price tag.

Next up was the Nike T90 Football. Again I would give 10/10 for the beauty stakes. Silver slashes, on white and navy panelling finished off with the trademark swoosh symbol, it at least looked the part. While the hexagonal panelling gave it a slightly retro, old-school feel.
Once pumped up the ball had a even bounce and was easy to control. Even though I wasn’t playing on a windy day, the ball did swerve a lot in the air making goalkeeping difficult (well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!).
The down side however was that the panelling became scratched and worn quite quickly, suggesting that after a few months of play they will eventually peel off, making the ball become misshapen and hard to control. This is perhaps to be expected as it is only a training ball, but there are more Nike footballs around that will either cost less or hold on to their shape for longer. I would urge you to think about what you want the ball for, be it for matches, regular training or just the occasional kick-about, before making your purchase.

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