Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Fergie’s Fury and Fellaini’s barnet

Here's an extract from my guest blog over at Dangerhere.com

After weeks of historic quintuple talk and winning every game in sight, United finally got the thumping they deserved. I’m not a Liverpool fan by any means but the sight of United defenders falling over, making mistakes, and trudging off at the final whistle was immensely satisfying.

Every other football supporter has to cope with heavy defeats from time to time so it was great to see United get a taste of their own medicine for once, plus the look on Fergie’s face was priceless.

That said, a quick look at the table shows that it is the SAME top four yet again. Aston Villa threatened to make things interesting for a while, but perhaps like school bullies, the Sky four cornered Martin O’Neill in the playground and roughed him up a bit; threatening him with a battering if he didn’t pipe down and keep off their Champions League patch. O’Neill duly obliged and Villa can’t seem to win a game anymore (though the booing by the fans seems a bit harsh, they should be bloody grateful).

Hair of the weekend award has to go to Everton’s gangly Belgian, Marouane Fellaini. Not content with the huge afro he has sported most of the season, Fellaini sported braids against Stoke on Saturday, perhaps in an attempt to blend in with the rest of the players to avoid getting booked. Nice one Marouane, though I think it’s the constant fouling that is the problem, not your hair.

Meanwhile, West Ham and Sheffield United have finally brought the ‘Carlos Tevez affair’ (copyright Sky Sports News) to a close with a fee agreed to be about £15million. Now the whole thing stinks to high heaven in my opinion. I felt at the time the authorities tried to duck out of controversy by...

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