Sunday, 22 March 2009

Spit, Spat, Spot

An extract from my guest blog over at Leftbackinthechangingroom:

It’s hard to actually remember that there was a game at the Emirates on Wednesday. If you missed it all, yes, Arsenal did indeed secure their place in the FA Cup semi-finals with a narrow 2-1 win over Hull. But all the post-match kerfuffle involved allegations of spitting by Cesc Fabregas, time wasting by Hull players, a referee being influenced by the home crowd, and a general whinge by both managers.

Now, it looks like it will be a case of Fabregas’ word against Horton’s as neither the referee or TV cameras caught the incident, but let’s face it, the Spaniard was doing himself no favours. Club captain or not, strutting around the pitch with his hood up and fists clenched like a thieving chav on a street corner will do nothing but infuriate the opposition and make him look a bit of a fool. Yes, he has a right to congratulate his team-mates, but couldn’t it have been done in the dressing room? He wasn’t in the squad after all.

His manager didn’t hang around long enough to see the incident either. Arsene Wenger stormed down the tunnel at the final whistle, angered at Hull’s apparent attempts, in his eyes, to waste time.

This of course played into Phil Brown's hands. He has revelled in his role as chief agitator this season, annoying the establishment in any way possible. He again made Wenger look, much like his captain, like a....

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