Thursday, 22 April 2010

Europa League would be Hodgson’s finest achievement

A 450 mile round trip is not the best preparation for a European semi-final, but Fulham have already proved capable of rising above obstacles placed in their path this season.

The cloud of ash belching out from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland means the Fulham squad will have to travel to Germany the old fashioned way, in a coach with frequent rest stops to keep the poor lads fresh and alert. But given the prize awaiting them, I'm sure the hours will fly by.

A place in the Europa League last four is unfamiliar territory for the Cottagers, but so is being in Europe in the first place - this is only their second ever campaign on the continent. However, they have progressed in the competition with all the smoothness and assurance of European veterans.

Much of the credit has to go Roy Hodgson, who has no doubt used the wealth of experience garnered from his time working across Europe to plot Fulham's path to Europa League glory.
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