Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Premier League football - it makes you sick

Was it the shock of Nani scoring a goal? Were the half-time prawn sandwiches a bit iffy? Or maybe some volcanic ash had descended on Old Trafford and made everyone a bit nauseous?

Whatever it was, the Old Trafford groundsman had more than just mud and sweat to clean up from the pitch after United’s 3-1 win over Spurs following Patrice Evra’s on-field vomiting ten minutes into the second half.

And with millions of people watching Evra’s, and later Nani’s, affliction was shared to the world thanks to the sharp focus of a TV camera – I’m glad I haven’t got HD.

It seems odd that most TV companies refuse to show pitch invaders, choosing instead to show clips of the corner flag or the subs warming up while the commentators talk about everything except the half naked man being rugby tackled by three stewards, but they will gladly show Evra bring up his lunch. It is just as well Carlo Ancelotti took his Chelsea players to the cinema on Saturday lunchtime instead of watching the game.

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