Thursday, 22 April 2010

United’s second chance highlights decline in Premier League

When football fans map out their dream scenario for a set of fixtures things very rarely pan out as predicted.

But for Manchester United supporters, last weekend’s script couldn’t have been written any better.

A last gasp victory on the ground of their bitter rivals was followed by Chelsea’s implosion down at White Hart Lane. The desperation and disappointment of Ewood Park six days earlier was replaced with renewed hope as they were given a second chance in the title race.

But regardless of who goes on to claim the title, I feel Alan Hansen hit the nail on the head when he said an “average” team will win the league.

Throughout the last decade the bar was continually raised, starting with Arsene Wenger’s invincibles of 2004, Jose Mourinho’s expensively assembled dream team in the middle of the decade through to the Ronaldo-inspired United sides of recent years. All these sides would have had the league sewn up by now.

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