Friday, 16 April 2010

World Cup 2010: Analyzing the Favorites from Each Group

In a World Cup in which the host is not a strong candidate for the title, there are more chances of success for other teams, however, the big teams are always going to be favorites and the level of rivals in each group will not always be the same.
The World Cup odds begin to be measured on June 11th in the opening game between South Africa and the Mexican national team, Mexico is considered the favorite to defeat the host at the Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg.

Group A: In a very difficult group, South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay and France will be facing each other. The favorites to qualify from this group are Mexico and France, the latter is ranked seventh in the FIFA ranking and became one of the strongest favorites to win the world cup.

Group B: In terms of technical quality, this group is considered one of the least complicated, especially for Argentina, which will have Nigeria, Greece and South Korea as opponents. The "albiceleste" will debut on June 12th against Nigeria after facing a difficult World Cup qualifying, with six defeats and four draws.

Group C: In one of the most important matches of the group, England will face the U.S. team in a meeting between the two favorites of the group and in which the odds favor Fabio Capello’s team. Slovenia and Algeria are not difficult opponents for the British and this will allow their pass to the next round without much trouble.

Group D: The teams in this group were all ranked first in the qualifying campaign; they are Australia, Serbia, Ghana and Germany. The three-time champion will face teams without much experience in the history of World Cups; however, Serbia's team was ranked above France with seven wins and 22 points. The favorite to rank in the top of the group is Germany, who ranks sixth in the FIFA rankings.

Group E: With extensive experience in World Cups, this group is composed of Netherlands, Japan, Denmark and Cameroon. With eight wins in eight matches, Netherlands is the favorite of this group and is one of the strongest teams throughout the competition.

Group F: In this group is the defending champion Italy with favorable opponents Paraguay, New Zealand and Slovakia. The "Azzurri" are ranked 5th and are considered one of the strongest candidates to win the South Africa 2010 World Cup after getting seven wins and three draws in the qualifying matchups.

Group G: Brazil is in the toughest group of the tournament, with the likes of Ivory Coast and Portugal, the battle between these teams for winning first place in the classification will be to avoid a possible encounter with Spain in the second round. North Korea will have a challenging game in the first match against Brazil on June 15. Brazil, the five-time champion, is the second favorite to win the World Cup after Spain.

Group H: The Euro 2008 champion is in one of the less challenging groups. La Roja will face the national teams of Switzerland, Honduras and Chile in a group that makes Spain’s road easier to the second round. Spain will face the toughest opponent in the third round and a final clash against Chile could be a factor in deciding the winner of the group.

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