Friday, 23 April 2010

Steven Gerrard rumours

Ha you have to love the internet!

Rumours have gathered pace this morning about Steven Gerrard allegedly (yes that's allegedly!) cheating on his wife Alex Curran with a 16 year old and getting her pregnant. To add to the sensationalism Curran herself has been (allegedly) cheating on Gerard with a Derby County player.

And as a result Gerrard will leave Liverpool in the summer for a club abroad.

This is all unconfirmed rumour at the minute I have to stress, with talk of super-injunctions and Gerrard staying at a Southport hotel. The only sites I can find anymore on are below:

Once again Capello will have to deal with something other than football.

He should just sack the lot of 'em and start all over again!


  1. 3 months later and still no articles in the London press.
    Rubbish,utter Rubbish.

  2. Ohh and BTW he was in Southport to open his restaurant.
    And he said today he`s not leaving Liverpool.

  3. Rubbish, i dont think so, i know the lot.

  4. he can get me pregant any day of the week

  5. It's all true it must be because it's on the internet. And it's even been reported in the tabloid press, so that makes it a fact! I heard last night that the Met police want to speak to him about the MI6 agent murder, the rumour is that he is a sleeper agent for the KGB. Ohh and that he spent time at an Al-Qaeda training camp this summer. Ohh and that the Nolan sisters live in his potting shed. Ohh and that..........