Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Buy your own football club -for just a pound!

I had to add this mini-post when I saw this article on the BBC website. Mid-table Blue Square Premier side Salisbury are up for sale for just a quid, even the most credit-crunched person could afford that!

I am sure there are various debts that would require paying off, making any real take-over cost considerably more, but why don't they just give it away than sell it for a quid?

Or if it has to have a price just go the whole hog and put it at 99p to be price-rhetoric?? Or do a BOGOF and throw Weymouth in while you're at it?!

So go on, dig-deep and own your own football club, you know you want to - I'm sure Ken Bates bought Chelsea for a quid in the mid-80's (do correct me if I'm wrong) and look where they are now!!

Just don't put up any electric fences though eh.

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