Wednesday, 8 April 2009

New football kits 2009/10

Ahh god bless the Internet and the already infamous 'leaked' new football kit stories!

Tucked away in some secret underground sweatshop are the hardworking scientists of Umbro Adidas et al beavering away making cutting-edge design shirts with all sorts of fancy material ( to try and justify the £45 price tag of course).

They can fill the promotion material with as much guff about space-age fabric as they like, but if they fans don't like they won't buy it, simple as. Therefore these leaks can be a good way of gauging the fans reaction to a shirt design.

Or it could just be the work experience kid illegally taking pictures of new kits with his phone and posting them online.

Anyway here is a few of the more interesting ones, both confirmed and unconfirmed, that I found online:

Liverpool away kit 2009/10

Chelsea home kit 2009/10

Arsenal away kit 2009/10

Man United home kit 2009/10 (please let this be genuine!!)
Everton home and away kit 2009/10 (not sure about these - especially the away kit, is that pink pinstripes I see??!)

For more 2009/10 football kits click here, here and here.

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