Monday, 6 April 2009

Everton 4 Wigan 0 - A few ghosts laid to rest

Any 4-0 win is a great result, but Sunday's defeat of Wigan is more significant because of what happened in the reverse fixture at the end of last year.

We were simply dreadful on that November evening at the JJB. The fans' frustratons came to a head that night as one key attribute seemed to be missing - effort.

All most Evertonians ask as a minimum is for the players to give their all for the shirt, and it appeared that night that some people given up. The chants towards the players by a small group of fans as they boarded the coach said it all.

But if you look at where we are now to where we were then, you have to give credit to everyone at the club for turning it around. Maybe it took the shcok of the fans reaction to help shake them into action.

It was simply another obstacle for the players to overcome, and after lurching over another barirer recently - the injury to Mikel Arteta - the team finally seems to have found a rythmn again after a sticky few weeks.

The result sets us up nicely for two massive games, Villa away next week and , of course, the FA Cup Semi-final on the 19th.

I'm just praying someone else doesn't get injured. Everytime we have get ourselves going another body goes down and we have to re-organise the whole side again. We have done so well to cope with the injuries thrown at us so far, but I do feel we are at breaking point, and another injury to a key player - especially if it's Tim Cahill - and we may not be able to recover from it.

But enough of the Evertonian paranoia -which seeps through every true Blue by the way, we have a fear that something will always go wrong (and it will probabaly always be Liverpool's fault) for now lets enjoy an excellent perofmance which saw Jo grab another two goals, Fellaini (complete with the returning afro) grab another, and Osman finally return to form and grab a goal his industrious work in midfield deserved.

Here's to two season defining games in the weeks ahead.

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