Wednesday, 22 April 2009

FA Cup final ticket prices


The euphoria of Sunday has yet to die down but already my wallet is gearing itself for another hammering at the end of May.

Ticket prices for the FA Cup final are below and as you can see, are considerably higher than the Semi-final prices, again putting on us credit crunched Blues to fork out. My £44 tickets gave me a cracking view on Sunday but if I want similar ones its another £34 on top. Bloody FA trying to claw their way out of trouble over going massively over budget.

And they still can't get the pitch right.....

The prices are as follows:



It has also been revealed that we will have the opposite end to the one we had on Sunday, and will have 'considerably less' (i.e. probably about 5-6,000 less) tickets. The rest will be dished out to the 'football family' (yeah and how many of them will be touted outside the ground) I'm sure I will have another whinge about that one at a later date.

The battle for tickets begins..........

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