Monday, 27 April 2009

FA Cup Final ticket details

Everton have released details of the ticket allocation for this Years FA Cup final. As expected the scandalously low allocation of 25,109 means that,tragically, some season ticket holders will miss out.
It was bad enough that for the semi-final loyal fans who had attended number of games but couldn't buy a season ticket missed out. Now those most loyal fans of all, who pay their money before a ball is kicked, will miss out too.
In a 90,000 capacity stadium that is an absolute disgrace and the FA should be ashamed of themselves. All this football family rubbish? Give England tickets out, they are the games that often need filling.
Instead sharp suited toffs with no real interest in the game will take tickets that should belong to the loyal match-going fan. Or even worse the touts will flog them off to the highest bidder, making the FA's newly launched campaign to clamp-down on touting look ridiculous.
As you can tell with the wording of this post I am very angry, even though I am a season ticket holder and have attended enough other games to be eligible for a ticket(fingers crossed). But the fact that a Blue who has attended every home league game this season and possibly for the ten seasons before that could miss out just because the FA has given us such a poor allocation makes me sick.

Right rant over.

For those that our interested the details are below courtesy of

Everton has announced details for the distribution of tickets for next month’s FA Cup Final with Chelsea.

The Club has received an allocation of 25,109 for the game at Wembley Stadium and has spent the weekend discussing how best to allocate those tickets amongst the Everton fanbase.

As previously communicated the Club is extremely disappointed with the number of tickets received from the Football Association and the unfortunate consequence of the allocation is that a number of Season Ticket holders will miss out. The Club regrets being unable to cater for some of its most loyal fans.

Despite the shortfall in tickets all Season Ticket holders and Half Season Ticket holders (STH) will be invited to apply for a Cup Final ticket. Tickets will be allocated to those STHs with the highest purchase history from the current campaign.

In the first instance, the Club will allocate a Wembley ticket to any STH who has attended 3 or more additional games this season (competitive games involving Everton, home or away).

In addition to the above, and as per the ticket terms and conditions, Cup Final tickets will be allocated to STHs who are subscribed to the Autocup scheme with the following priority:

1. To subscribers to BOTH the Home FA Cup and Away FA Cup Autocup scheme.
2. To those STHs who are subscribed to the Home FA Cup Autocup scheme.
3. To those STHs who are subscribed to the Away FA Cup Autocup scheme.

In the event that further tickets remain, a ballot will be implemented, with priority being given to those STHs with the highest purchase history from the 2008/09 season. Please note there will be no requirement for additional applications and the ballot will be conducted using the information from the original submissions.

How To Apply

Tickets are priced at: £93.00, £78.30, £58.65 and £34.30 with a £10 reduction for juniors and over 65s.

Applicants must be aware that the majority of tickets available to Everton supporters in the East section of Wembley Stadium are priced at £78.30 and £58.65

STHs may apply via the official Everton website – - from 12pm on Wednesday, 29 April 2009, or, in writing to the Fan Centre, Goodison Park, Liverpool L4 4EL, in both cases indicating their first, second, third and fourth choice ticket preference.
The Everton fan centre will use their best endeavours to allocate the first choice preference but in the event that price of ticket is no longer available, will allocate a ticket from the second choice preference and so on.

When submitting the application, STHs should provide their customer number (located on the season smartcard), their name, full address, a daytime contact telephone number and payment details. Please do not send cash through the post.

Supporters submitting written applications are also asked to provide a valid email address and mobile telephone number on which they will be contacted with notification of receipt of their application, and the success, or otherwise of their application.

Everton Shareholders

Shareholders should apply to Lee Newman at the Everton Fan Centre. Shareholders who are STHs will be allocated a ticket. In addition, there will be a small allocation of tickets for shareholders who are not STHs. Priority on these tickets will be given to those shareholders with the highest purchase history from this season.

Supporters’ Clubs

Due to the allocation of tickets provided by the FA the Club regrets that it is unable to provide an allocation to Supporters’ Clubs. STHs who are registered to a Supporters’ Club may submit an application as above or via club Secretaries to allow the Fan Centre to allocate tickets together. Supporters’ Clubs wishing to make collective applications should do so through the usual communication channels.

Non-Season Ticket Holders

Due to the allocation of tickets by the FA, the Club regrets that it is unable to provide an allocation to non-season ticket holders.

Deadline For Applications

All applications must be received by 5pm on Wednesday, 6 May 2009. Any applications received after this time will not be considered under any circumstances.


All tickets will be posted using Royal Mail’s Special delivery service, at an additional charge of £4.95. Any STHs wishing to collect their ticket from Goodison Park should clearly indicate this on the application. Details of when tickets will be available to collect will be emailed or texted. STHs collecting tickets must bring the payment card used to purchase the tickets and proof of identification. Tickets will not be released without this.

Other Important Information

Any STHs who wish to be seated with friends and family should submit their applications at the same time and we will endeavour to locate you together. Please note on online applications there is a primary applicant and subsequent purchaser and STHs can submit multiple applications as long as there are valid customer numbers.

STHs should note that tickets will only be issued to the STH, at the price band relevant to that person i.e. junior STHs cannot apply for an adult ticket etc. The Football Association have also advised that they WILL NOT be upgrading any tickets on Cup Final day.

It is expected the Club will notify all applicants whether or not they have been successful by the end of week commencing May 11, 2009. Supporters are requested not to contact the Club prior to this time, as it will ultimately delay the application process.

The Club regrets to remind supporters who are not STHs that they should not submit an application during this time.

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