Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Bruce should know more than anyone about football loyalty

In the wake of Darren Bent’s shock transfer to Aston Villa Sunderland manager Steve Bruce attempted to side with the fans by declaring his dismay at the strikers transfer.

Bruce said he felt ‘massively let-down’ by the forward, who completed his £18million move to Villa Park on Tuesday.

But loyalty in football is some mis-given belief shrouded over the game by supporters in attempt to keep the connection with their club and their players alive.

Loyalty in the game doesn’t exist anymore in this commercialised money-driven game except with the fans, who are always left to pick up the pieces.

Players and managers will drop their current club instantly if the promise of money or ambition (in that order) is offered somewhere else.

And I defy anyone in any profession who wouldn’t take a 30% pay-rise to do the same job somewhere else – all this badge kissing, ‘loving the club’ nonsense is designed to keep the boo boys ay bay and feed their egos by pandering to and taking advantage of the slavish backing of passionate supporters.

Bruce should know more than anyone about that, which makes his recent comments puzzling.

In his first stint at Wigan in 2001 he quit after just two months in order to take the job at Crystal Palace, who were in the Championship at the time. Then with the Selhurst club at the top of the Championship Bruce quit after three months in order to take the job at Birmingham – though he only actually made the move after a compensation package was agreed with Palace, who had slapped an injunction on Bruce to block the move.

So the former Man United defender is well verse in jumping ship in order to pursue loftier ambitions, maybe Darren Bent should remind him of that.


  1. Forgetting that Bruce took BCFC to the high court and sued them for millions upon his departure. Lee (Solihull)

  2. Good point Lee, the evidence stacks up!