Monday, 31 January 2011

Torres' Chelsea transfer edges closer as Liverpool agree massive, massive fee for Andy Carroll

This is turning out to be one of THOSE transfer windows, as in mental.

Liverpool have agreed a £35MILLION fee with Newcastle for Andy Caroll.

The world has indeed gone mad.

Don't get me wrong, I rate Carroll, I think he has immense potential and is an old-school centre-forward who could potentially link up with Suarez effectively. But, £35million is a lot of money for raw potential (he has only played regular PL football for six months).

Newcastle will hope they can limp on without him until the end of the season and then they can spend the cash - it could completely revitilise them. It is simply an offer they can't refuse.

Torres meanwhile, be it in a Audi or helicopter, is edging closer to a move to Chelsea. I think it is fair to say I didn't see these two moves coming.

What do you think Liverpool fans? Will Carroll make up for the loss of Fernando? Newcastel supporters, is it worth cashing in on him now?

Chelsea fans - will this revitilise your title bid?

Comment away!

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  1. am getting sick and tierd the newcastle has been going over last fews years whenever we get back on track were right back off it,it is allott of money but we cant get players worth that mutch anymore all it will do is unsettle players as a host of new has been prima donnas come in strutting there stuff. we cant fill our stadium any more we used to have 20000 waiting list 4 season tickets if this goes thro i've had enough, been going to watch gateshead recently in blue square might take it up full time, brought to you by a angry geordie