Friday, 28 January 2011

Fernando Torres to hand in transfer request to force through Chelsea transfer?

I have admit I scoffed at the news headlines this morning that said Chelsea had bid £40million for Fernando Torres. Much like the Guardian's Twitter-publicised Gareth Bale non-story the day before, I thought it was at best a PR stunt by Chelsea.

But the noises this afternoon suggest Torres may actually be on his way after all.

Frist Guillem Balague told SSN that the strikers wanted Liverpool to open up negotiations with Chelsea. Then this Sun article (hardly friends of the Reds but still) suggested Torres wants to leave - followed by the Guardian

Now Twitter is being whipped up into a frenzy, with tweets suggesting he will hand in a transfer request this afternoon.

It would certainly be the story of the transfer window and may lead to Suarez'a move from Ajax. However, it would be a daming reflection on Liverpool's finances, supposedly on the rise after their take-over last October.

Losing his star striker was not what Kenny Dalglish had in mind when he took over, if Torres does end up leaving, the Scot's task will have become a whole lot harder.


  1. lol ...dream on

  2. bull$hit story, will never happen. Torres won't hand in transfer request.

  3. Torres has loyalty. Sorry.

  4. Obviously written after a pint too many!
    Dream on ...

  5. the drinking mans blog?...very apt cos you must be pissed rent couldnt call this the thinking mans blog after all could you? w*nker

  6. Im a Liverpool fan, clearly gutted at the prospect, but I just cant see it during the window. If he is worth £50M now, he will be be worth £50M in the summer, but at least we will have the time to replace him. Even if he hands in a transfer request - it makes no difference if we stick to our guns and reject all offers(ie Charley Adam). If we sell now I think our new owners will loose all credability with the supporters which is why I think he will be off in the summer, hopefully to Barcelona

  7. Amusing rumour to liven up an otherwise rather pointless bid by Chelsea. Quite simply, no chance on earth. Liverpool will point-blank never sell Torres to another English club and the player has repeatedly made public his intention to stay at the club and honour his contract. I guess it's worth the risk to start the rumour, not as if the british press has any credibility to lose.

  8. Hahah you scouse mugs!

    You are the most deluded fans in the whole country, your history? thats the first problem with liverscum, live in the past! shows nothing has changed with making Dalglish manager and bleating about king kenny. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!

    Second problem is your team is absolute dire, you are a mid table team at best.

    Third problem is your owner doesn't have that much money and has already showed he aint going to spend it.

    So Torres goes to Chelsea. Who can blame him? not much ambition from him if he stays, you already ruined Gerrards career, won next to fuk all.

    Torres is going to go and everyone is going to be laughing at you!!HAHAHA

  9. what a knob!!! Gerrard has won every cup apart from the prem you thick MUG