Monday, 17 January 2011

West Ham board have lot to answer for

I doubt anyone could not feel at least a twinge of sympathy for Avram Grant on Saturday.

The West Ham manager’s dour persona means he isn’t one for displaying much emotion – in public at least. But he looked visibly moved at the end of the Arsenal game on Saturday; a man who knew his time at the club was up and had been let down by those above him.

If that proves to be the case then it is a sad way to finish, as the Hammers were swatted aside by an Arsenal side who barely broke a sweat. If Grant had asked his players for a passionate send-off it was a damning reflection of his reign, the support in the dressing room and the ability of his players.

But in my opinion the Hammers board need to take more responsibility for what has happened. They sacked the likeable Gianfranco Zola in the summer after the Italian had struggled for two years with little or no budget and replaced him with Grant, offering barely any cash to buy players either. So therefore it is a surprise the Hammers have struggled this season?

Their recent behaviour – which has seen Grant left in limbo, not knowing whether he is to be sacked or not – is nothing sort of disgraceful.

As pointed out on TV in Saturday I’m sure Grant could spill the beans about some of the chaotic goings on behind the scene at Upton Park but he hasn’t, maintaining a dignified silence on the matter.

The board meanwhile have refused to either back Grant or sack him, leaving him to deal with rumour-mongering from the press while simultaneously trying to rescue the Hammers season.

Their inaction is as much to blame for West Ham’s woes as Grant or the players and you would hope that whoever does eventually come in to the managerial hot-seat knows what they are letting themselves in for. Because if not I think they are in for a short,sharp shock.

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