Friday, 28 January 2011

Ian Holloway offers to resign - knows it won't be accepted

It was a game of brinkmanship well worth playing, as Ian Holloway wasn't alone in thinking the Premier League would actually fine him for fielding a 'weakened' team against Villa last autumn.

But now they have, Holloway has been true to his word and offered his resignation, though I'm sure he knows it won't be accepted. At least then he can save face as he stuck to his word.

I do feel sympathy for him though, it is an absolutely ludicrous decision given all the players were contained in Blackpool's named 25 man squad. As Holloway said - who are the Premier League to decide who fits in Holloway's strongest side?

And why, following Wolves last season, is it just the 'small' clubs who have been fined, excluding those at the top of the division who have been doing it for years - Hull v Man United 2008 anyone?

Oh that's right, it's called squad rotation at that level.

I truly hope Holloway doesn't leave, though I would admire his principles. He has been a breath of fresh air in the division this season and he has every right to feel lt down by the authorities who are supposed to act for the good of the game.

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