Monday, 31 January 2011

Liverpool accept offer from Chelsea for Fernando Torres

Ha! I told you so! All those Liverpool fans who gave me grief on Friday for daring to suggest Torres may push for a transfer request, it now seems Liverpool have accepted a bid from Chelsea for the Spaniard.
 It is Darren Lewis at the Mirror who has spread the news, saying via Twitter 'his men' say Liverpool have accepted a bid.

I have to say I am surprised at the timing of the move. It appeared things were on a upward curve at Anfield following the arrival of Dalglish and then Suarez. If Torres wanted to leave why wait till three days before the deadline?

I am convinced the move will go through becasue the Reds PR machine, via much of the national media, is clicking into gear.

It isn't the departure of one of their best players apparently it is a symbol that 'no player is bigger than the club'. Hmmmm sounds like damage limitation to me and one designed to soften the blow to the fans who are seeing their best player leave, even if they haven't really seen the best of him for the past 18 months.

Because of the horrible timing Dalglish has little time to bring players in so I expect Charlie Adam would be the best they can hope for before 11pm tonight. But the closing of the window at least gives him six months to decide how to spend the money and start the re-building job in earnest next summer.


  1. really? my men say he has changed his mind? my turn for the "i told you so" shortly... HA!

  2. thats rubbish dalglish has just been on sky saying torres is not for sale

  3. one question for you, how can you call it "damage limitation"?.....50 million for a player we picked up for half that!, personally i dont see how going to an ageing creaking team with not really much more chance of winning anything than liverpool........oh yes, thats right! silly me, you'll just go out and buy your trophies again!, how does it feel that anything you have won is as meaningless as the plastic flags you lot love so dearly? ynwa rent boy!!

  4. For starters I'm not even a Chelsea fan so any talk of plastic flags and buying leagues is lost on me. Secondly, yes Liverpool would be getting a huge fee but it is still a massive blow to lose your best player and one who apprently loved playing for the club, hence the shock at his desire to leave - esp just days before the deadline.I just feel the flurry of articles making out this is actually a good thing for Liverpool is simply paving the way for his departure. Thirdly, I actually agree that going to Chelsea now is a strange move considering they are so afar off the top - IMO City would have been a better move, least they appear upwardly mobile.